Licensees are required to submit an application along with quality samples for each product the applicant intends to manufacture. Samples are inspected for quality, material content, logo application and any potential risks. Licensees can be licensed for one or all of our three product categories: apparel, non-apparel, and headwear.

Additionally, vendors must meet the insurance requirements as outlined in the Sample Insurance Form. Vendors must also request specific distribution channels accompanied with a marketing plan and list of current retail partners.

Once a vendor provides insurance documentation and their application is approved, K12 issues a Standard Licensing Agreement (“SLA”) to complete the process. Upon receipt of the executed agreement, the licensee will receive a username and password to the Trademarx system. Through Trademarx, licensees can access the artwork and brand information for K12’s clients.


To expedite the review of your application, please read it carefully and contact us with any questions. If a section doesn’t apply to your business, please mark it N/A and move to the next portion of the application. If our team has questions when reviewing the packet, we will contact you.

Ultimately, the more information provided about your business and intended sales channels, the quicker we are able to complete the process.

Should you have questions, please contact Brandon Tucker, K12’s Director of Operations, at or (317) 504-5400.


Sample Insurance Certificate