K12 Licensing offers premier collegiate-level services to its high school partners to promote, protect, and market their brands, and drive incremental revenue

Our Mission

Our mission at K12 Licensing is to support the critical scholastic and athletic endeavors of America’s high schools, by managing and monetizing high school brands.  During the last 15 years since our founding, K12 Licensing has generated millions of dollars for our high school partners.


K12’s turn-key representation alleviates the day-to-day administrative burden of managing a licensing program, allowing your school or district to concentrate on managing the strategic direction of the program.  The following core services continually position your licensing program for growth and success:
License Management
Brand Protection
Retail Placement
Associated Services


As the premier high school licensing agency, K12 will guide your school in making the best decisions regarding your licensing policies, including logo use, intellectual property management, royalty exemptions, and the distribution channels and product categories that are pursued for your program. K12 and its parent company CLC, gives you access to nearly 1,000 years of collective licensing experience- no other agency has the depth of experience of K12 and its sister organizations.

Logo Clean Up & Distribution

Many high schools have logos in the wrong formats or that are low quality.  K12 works with its high school partners to clean up and vectorize their logos and to make them available in the formats and quality needed by manufacturers.  In addition to development of official logo sheets, K12 leverages Direct Licensing Hub (DLH), the most advanced design/product management system available, and other systems to manage manufacturer and retailer logo requests so that you can fully control how your brand shows up on products in the marketplace

License Management

The day-to-day operations and success of any licensing program is dependent on relationships and efficient communication with licensed manufacturers (AKA licensees). If licensees are unable to sell products, there is no licensing program or revenue.  K12 Licensing is highly selective and requires that its vendors meet high standards as part of a thorough application process, across three license types (Local, State, and National).  K12 manages a growing stable of leading world-class licensees to service the high school licensed products industry.


Using our proprietary DLH license management system, K12 collects royalties, along with basic sales data/information (product categories and retailers) from partner licensees and tracks the information for comparative analysis and for accurate annual disbursement to our partner schools. In August each year, K12 sends partner schools their share of royalties along with licensee, , and retailer data.

An important compliment to K12’s royalty collection program is our auditing capabilities.  We have a great relationship with our partner licensees and they are very good about reporting accurately and on-time, but periodically it is important to review their accounting and reporting processes.  Our auditing efforts are as much about ensuring that our school partners are being paid accurately as it is about assisting our partner licensees in minimizing any burden the royalty reporting process may impose.

Retail Placement

By virtue of our representation of thousands of high schools as well as our parent company’s representation of nearly 1,000 leading universities throughout the country, K12 has established relationships with EVERY major retailer that participates in licensed products sales.  In fact, we maintain a database and track sales for nearly 100,000 retailers (Walmart counts as one) throughout the country.

Using proprietary tactics and tools, K12 actively implements retail placement programs for our partner schools- sometimes managing programs across multiple major retailers and hundreds of schools at the same time, including the likes of Walmart, Walgreen’s, Dollar General, CVS, and many others.  Our partner schools highly value the placement of their brands in their local markets as a form of outreach to their supporters and a valuable source of royalty revenue.  We have developed numerous proven strategies and services to assist key retailers in offering and supporting the sale of high school products- leading to the consistent long-term growth of the industry.



eCommerce has become increasingly important for a well-rounded and profitable licensing program. At no cost to the school, K12’s licensed vendors can create a school-branded store with a much broader assortment of products.

In most cases, there is no minimum on these items which removes all risk from the school while allowing fans to showcase their passion through previously unavailable merchandise.

In addition to royalty revenue, each approved K12 eCommerce partner offers a revenue share on all sales back to the school.


As budgets continue to be slashed, fundraising has become increasingly important for schools of all sizes across the country.  After speaking with hundreds of administrators and receiving their feedback, we can deliver fundraising solutions centered around three key ideas:

1. Significant financial return on all sales

2. Minimal effort/time required to participate

3. Unique products and LOW minimums

As part of the initial consultation, the school will determine whether or not it wants assistance with fundraising – it is not required.